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As an artificial intelligence technology company, we feel it's our duty to provide datasets, AI tools, and predictive analytics that are relevant to the current COVID-19 crisis. Our aims are to catalyze other AI and modeling developments, help researchers analyze the large body of available research, and share visualizations with the general public. If the public is equipped with the accurate information about the spread of COVID-19, we are convinced that many will take action to prevent its spread.

Confirmed Cases Forecast
Interact with the dashboard to see projected cases.
Disclaimer: This forecast tool is for research and educational purposes only and is not intended to be a tool for decision-making. There are many uncertainties and debates about the details of COVID-19 infection and transmission and there are many limitations in any modeling approach.


With the release of the Open Research Dataset, a mass of 44,000 coronavirus-related research papers and articles, Synthetaic implores members of the AI community to mobilize and apply innovative AI techniques to generate novel insights in the battle against COVID-19.