About Us
  • Synthetaic
Synthetaic specializes in developing innovative machine learning methods to tackle some of the world's most challenging artificial intelligence (AI) problems. Synthetaic's core IP is in data synthesis, using a combination of novel generative AI and 3D modeling of the type used in video game technology to generate extremely large data sets in areas where limited data is hampering AI development.
In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, Synthetaic is using a custom AI workflow and hybridized data synthesis approach, to create material impact by improving predictions, looking for correlations that could lead to treatment options, investigating potential viral mutations, and informing future preparedness.


With the release of the Open Research Dataset, a mass of 44,000 coronavirus-related research papers and articles, Synthetaic implores members of the AI community to mobilize and apply innovative AI techniques to generate novel insights in the battle against COVID-19.