COVID-19 Transmission - Simulation
This simulation uses 3D game mechanics to visualize the spread of the coronavirus (which causes COVID-19) in a fairly densely populated area. It includes a button to issue a "Stay At Home" order which demonstrates the benefits of social distancing in reducing the spread of the pandemic early and the negative results of not doing so. Many of the underlying parameters are adjustable to run different scenarios. Best experienced fullscreen on devices larger than mobile.

Simulation Video

Disclaimer: This simulation is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a tool for decision-making. There are many uncertainties and debates about the details of COVID-19 infection and transmission and there are many limitations to a mathematically simple simulation such as this.


With the release of the Open Research Dataset, a mass of 44,000 coronavirus-related research papers and articles, Synthetaic implores members of the AI community to mobilize and apply innovative AI techniques to generate novel insights in the battle against COVID-19.